About Us

About Arrow 127 Apparel

We're a family owned business rooted in christian values located in North Carolina. We love raising our kids to love God, learn about hard work here on our 12 acre farm and coming up with cool things to wear! Jonathan and Gabrielle got married February 2021 and without hesitation had their first child "Arrow" December 2021. When Jonathan was still longing for a family, through some friends God showed him Psalms 127 and 128 as a prophetic word saying "God is giving you a family, just hang in there". Gabrielle also was seeking a family. Once they knew they were expecting God showed the name "Arrow" to Gabrielle and it all started to come together. Family is the heart of our culture, the strength of our society and it is recently under attack. We're a huge supporter of family. We try to design clothes and accessories for each member of the family to bring you closer to the values you hold dear. From Dresses to Onesies, comfy Men's Tees to Women's tops, we love apparel and want to bring it to your home!